T1307 Series TCXO

Greenray Industries' T1307 TCXO offers ultra-low acceleration sensitivity for vibration and shock sensitive applications. When operating under random vibration, the T1307 can offer phase noise improvements of more than 40dB compared to conventional TCXOs - and better performance than most OCXOs.

  • Proprietary crystal & oscillator design for optimal performance

  • Frequency: 10 - 50MHz

  • EFC for precise tuning or phase locking apps

  • 9.1 x 7.5mm, ruggedized package

  • +3.3 or 5Vdc Supply

  • CMOS or Clipped sine output

  • g-Sensitivity of <0.07 ppb (7 x 10-11/g of applied acceleration force)

  • Relatively impervious to effects of shock and vibration

  • 100% screened for g-Sensitivity performance

pdf icon Download T1307 TCXO Datasheet (pdf file, English)

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