Greenray TCXOs are designed for communications, instrumentation and defense applications. Our TCXOs feature temperature stabilities of 1ppm or less and are available in a variety of packages, including SMT, and are available from 20 KHz to 1 GHz.

We incorporate leading-edge design and innovative manufacturing techniques to produce an extremely rugged TCXO that is ideal for mobile and airborne applications. Our TCXOs feature tight stability, low phase noise and ultra-low g-sensitivity.

For an explanation of how a TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) works, click here.

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T525.0 x 3.210 - 52±0.2CMOS, Clipped Sine
T535.0 x 3.210 - 50±0.3CMOS, Clipped Sine
T575.0 x 3.210 - 52±0.2CMOS, Clipped Sine
T707.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.1HCMOS
T717.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.1HCMOS
T727.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.1Clipped Sine
T737.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.1Clipped Sine
T757.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.3HCMOS
T767.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.3HCMOS
T777.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.3Sinewave
T787.0 x 5.010 - 50±0.3Sinewave
T909.1 x 7.510 - 100±0.3HCMOS
T919.1 x 7.510 - 100±0.3HCMOS
T12022.9 x 17.810 - 100±0.5CMOS
T12117.3 x 17.350 - 100±0.5Sinewave
T12417.3 x 17.3650Hz to 5.0MHz±0.3CMOS
T12159.1 x 7.5750KHz - 800MHz±0.3CMOS, Clipped Sine, LVPECL, LVDS
T122020.3 x 12.710 - 50±0.1CMOS, Clipped Sine
T124116.5 X 16.550 - 100±2.0CMOS
T124322.9 x 17.810 - 50±2.0CMOS
T124414.2 x 9.150 - 150±1.0LVPECL
T125420.3 x 12.710 - 50±1.0CMOS
T130020.3 x 12.710 - 50±2.0CMOS
T13079.1 x 7.510 - 50±1.0CMOS, Clipped Sine
ZT60029.2 x 25.410 - 125±0.5CMOS
ZT60129.2 x 25.410 - 500±0.3Sinewave
ZT61020.3 x 12.710 - 50±0.5CMOS

For your convenience, Greenray can supply 3D product drawings in a variety of popular formats including AutoCAD®, CATIA®, IGES, Pro/ENGINEER®, STEP and others. Contact the factory for details or to submit a request.

For more information or to inquire about custom TCXO specifications, call 717-766-0223 and talk to a Greenray engineer.